What's in my Dance Bag?

My dance bag goes with me almost everywhere I go. It holds all my essentials and back up items. Creating a grab and go dance bag can save you a lot of time and potential problems. I've compiled a list of items in my dance bag so that you can take suggestions and add to yours!


  1. Well fitting costume (or two depending on how many gigs you have)

  2. Finger Cymbals

  3. Veil

  4. Dance Shoes

  5. CDs

  6. Mp3 Player

  7. Charger

  8. Jewerly

  9. Makeup Bag

  10. Any dance props needed (sword, isis wings, fan veils, etc)

Small Items:

  1. Large pins

  2. Baby wipes

  3. Hair ties

  4. Small towel (for gently wiping your face and body after performing)

  5. Pen

  6. Business cards

  7. Hair products

  8. Hair Brush

  9. Small mirror

Back Up Items:

These are items to have just in case something goes wrong. Even if you think it won't happen to you, it will. Be prepared.

  1. Trunk costume (This is a small one bag costume that can get rolled up easily. If your main costumes zipper breaks or you realise you forgot the belt you'll be thankful for a trunk costume)

  2. Extra pair of finger cymbals (I've lost one before right before performing)

  3. Small essentials make up bag. (not your regular bag, just a small ziplock bag of make-do items. I've left my makeup bag before and needed to get ready. This bag saved me!)

  4. Period Products

  5. Extra pair of nude undies.

Optional Items:

These are items that though not essential have made my pre and post-dance process MUCH better. 


Folding Stool

Ok, so this is a little ridiculous but follow on this one. There have been so many gigs in restaurants or private events where the changing area provided doesn't have a place to sit or there isn't a place to put your things except on the floor. Having a small folding stool has made my life a lot easier. Putting shoes on, relaxing before going on, or simply having a place to put my costume is great. It folds up nicely and fits in a small suitcase or large duffle bag. Though it doesn't come to every gig with me it comes to more often than not.


Portable Fan

What a lifesaver this has been. It's small and folds in half making it easily portable. Its rechargeable with a mini USB and last a very long time! You can hang it easily backstage or hold it before going on. You can obviously bring a non-electric hand fan and it'll do the same job but something feels great about not putting in extra effort. 



I adore my Kindle. It keeps me entertained when I'm waiting for my next show without having headphones stuck in my ears. It's battery is super long lasting and takes up little to no space in my bag. 

Kat teaches, dances, and produces shows in Tacoma, Washington. You can find out more about her belly dance classes, belly dance performances, and belly dance shows at www.tacomabellydance.com

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