Why you SHOULD wear that costume!

Belly Dance costumes can be intimidating. Typical costumes are what we call bedlahs. Bedlahs are two piece bra and belt sets. They are revealing to most American eyes and can scare away some from dancing at all. Keep in mind however that there is no ideal body type for belly dance. The only body type required is any body. So think you can’t wear that costume that you love? Think again! Below are somethings to consider if you are not comfortable wearing the costume of your dreams.

Fit is Essential

No belly dance costume is off limits because of your body. It’s the fit that is most important to flatter your body. Any costume that is not well fit to a body can make your shape look different than what it actually is. Any costume I purchase I have to alter to better fit my body. You can do this on your own or hire a professional. Can’t find the costume you love in your size? It might be time to consider a custom costume. This option can be more expensive but will provide you with something that will flatter your shape and be what you want. Keep in mind that rarely costumes fit out of the box for any body type.

Wear what makes YOU feel good

Photo by Sarah O'Brien

Not all belly dance costumes have to be bra and belts. There are many variations to be more modest or to make you feel more comfortable. In fact, more traditional costumes are more like full dresses that are not form fitting. As long as its appropriate (right time, right place), you can always wear something that better suits you. For example, Saqra of Fearless Glamour makes stunning dresses that are custom made to your body. You also are not required to dress femininely to be a belly dancer. If a more masculine look is what you want to wear, wear that!

Why Other Peoples’ Opinions are Pointless.

There are many opinions out there. Some of them can be hurtful. Usually these kinds of comments come from a place of insecurity and fear. These opinions don’t help or create value and they provide no progress to your dance career. Don’t let these comments dictate your choices. No matter what you do, people will think they have a say in your decisions. They don’t. It’s your body and your choice.

You are Inspiring

Your body is wonderful. It moves in a way that is uniquely you. When you perform you are showcasing to others that any body type is good for this dance style. Remember why you wanted to perform in the first place. Sitting in the audience is someone who feels just like you felt before you started performing. To see you perform empowers them to take action. Be their inspiration! You’re body is just as important as other bodies, so show it off!

Kat teaches, dances, and produces shows in Tacoma, Washington. You can find out more about her belly dance classes, belly dance performances, and belly dance shows at www.tacomabellydance.com

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