Workshop Offerings

Basic Video Editing for Dancers

Do you have a need for a promotional video, but don’t want to hire an overly expensive editor to do so? Do you have a Mac sitting at home, but it isn’t anything more than a Facebook Machine? In this class, Kat, a former Apple Instructor, will break down basic editing skills for you to make your videos look more professional. From taking video, importing, editing, and exporting we’ll talk it all! No need to bring a computer to this class.

3 Hours

Understanding Drum Solos

Want to learn how to grove with your favorite drummer? Have difficulty following along with the beats? In this workshop, we break down the complexity of the layers of a drum solo in an easy and understandable way. Class will include a small bit of choreography. Previous dance experience recommended.

2 Hours


Becoming Comfortable with Improv

Does the idea of going off the cuff scare you? Won't commit to dancing to live music out of fear? Want to branch out of your comfort zone and be more flexible? Kat will help you use your pre-existing skills to move out of the box no matter what style of belly dance you perform. 

1 Hour 30 Minutes

Winning Over Your Audience

So you’ve got good technique, but just missing that certain something? Kat, known for her fun and personable performances, walks you through tips and tricks to make any dull audience clap with joy. Kat will walk you through a basic choreography and show you how to sass up your movement.

1 Hour, 30 Minutes


Intro to Belly Dance

Unearth the joy of belly dance! Belly dance, or “raqs sharqi,” is a Middle Eastern dance form based on one of the oldest social dances in world history, originating in the Middle East.

In this introductory workshop, you will learn basic technique including lifted stance and posture, shimmies, isolations, and traveling moves. Class will also include a brief introduction to the history, context and philosophy of belly dance. Celebrate femininity through an ancient, life-embracing art!

All shapes, sizes, and levels are welcome. No previous dance experience required.

1 Hour

Sagat (Finger Cymbals) Choreography

Hone your zill skills in this intense multi-rhythm sagat choreography. In this class we will learn a short choreography while going over the importance of zill patterns and when to not overdo it! 

2 Hours

Becoming A Balancing Magician

In this workshop we learn the art of balancing props to really “Wow” your audience! This workshop works for any type of balancing prop. From presentation, to posture, to floor work, this workshop covers it all. Balancing tray provided for students. Previous dance experience recommended. Trays provided but it's recommended to bring your own dance tray.

1 hour, 30 minutes


Marketing for Dancers

Feel your classes slumping? Want to get hired for more gigs? Unsure of how to keep up with social media? Kat, owner of Tacoma Dance Studios, will walk you through her processes and help find a plan that works for you and your business. Class will go over traditional marketing, B2B, social media, cold calling, and untraditional forms of marketing. 

2 Hours


Classic Cabaret Choreography

Dance along with Kat as she teaches classic cabaret belly dance still combos that you can reuse for your own performances. Beginning belly dance experience required as a minimum.

2 Hours