The Sirens of the Sound

The Sirens are a Tacoma based belly dance troupe lead by Kat. They are available for shows, festivals, private events, and more!

Audition for the Sirens! The Sirens are a group of women lead by Kat, that performs all over the PNW for all types of events, festivals, and shows. They are extremely active and perform many styles of belly dance.

When: March 2nd at 12:30 pm

Where: Tacoma Dance Studios, 1127 Broadway Suite 204 Tacoma WA 98402

Auditions will consist of learning a small choreography and performing it for the group.


At least 1 year or comparable experience in belly dance

Ability to rehearse Monday nights at 9-10pm

Ability to perform at least 6 times a year

Ability to solo

Ability to improv to canned and live music

Willingness to learn quickly

Basic knowledge in finger cymbals or willingness to learn

Ability to invest in basic costuming

At least one belly dance weekly class taken from any instructor


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