Starting Your First Class: It’s Worth It!

I wanted to take a moment to talk a little bit about getting started with belly dance classes. Not surprisingly, even your favorite pro dancers have all been there. We all started either at a low point in our life, we wanted to start something new, or maybe we just went in for a lark. Starting a crazy adventure like belly dance can be incredibly scary.

Believe it or not, I’ve been there. Back in high school I was the person who thought dance was the most ridiculously stupid thing I’ve ever seen. I remember we did a play called, “Once Upon a Mattress.” It took me a lot of practice to get the silly little dance they do correctly. Mind you, this dance was supposed to be comically bad. I didn’t go to school dances because I didn’t see the point, and I avoided the dance floor as if it was lava. I was your regular old dance grump.

Luckily, I had an optimistic friend and godmother. She called me up sheepishly and said, “Hey, would you be interested in taking a belly dance class with me?” After ridiculing her a little bit, I decided to go. I remember thinking, “What am I doing here. I am not a belly dancer! I cannot imagine myself in a bra, shimmying around and moving gracefully.” But being the sarcastic person I am, I thought it would make a great joke and story. So next week, we went together. I remember exactly what I wore that day. Black ugly sweats with Adidas stripes on the side, an stained oversized white T-shirt, and my dirty white mis-matched socks. I might as well have worn a sign that said, “Here for comic relief only.”

Though I don’t remember exactly what happened in my first class, I knew it was something special. I had unearthed a feeling that I had not felt before. I know I wasn’t exactly the best starting out but I felt my potential. I realized how beautiful, sensual, and open the dance was. It was the exact opposite of how I felt on the inside. That attracted me and I saw a way out of the deep hole that I dug myself into. Confidence was something I struggled with on a daily basis. I didn’t like myself both physically and mentally, and I was in a really terrible place in my life. I can honestly say the dance saved my life.

If you’re that person who thinks they want to take on dance but feels ashamed of their body, or who has any reason to doubt; walk in. Take that first step. I can only promise you this, it’s at least worth the story.

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Kat Ross